A minimalist life. Do we really need everything we have?

I spent most of my teenage and adult years consuming non-stop. I used to buy new clothes, new shoes, stationery, electronics, beauty products every single month. I had a room filled with piled stuff and I barely knew everything I owned.

Then, one day, I decided to go abroad for some time. I took two bags to spend 6 months. I remember being so hard to choose “only” what it was allowed in the baggage I was taking. When I came back, I did a big sale and sold the things I didn’t wear for more than a year on a thrift shop. I was shocked with the amount of items I took out of my bedroom (and it was sill full of things).

I realized that my lifestyle was leading to a negative impact in the world and I didn’t want to be part of this consumerist society we live anymore. The classic question: “what am I doing to change the world?” hit hard on me and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. This enormous desire of taking care of our planet, of the people and of the energy that surrounds me was “born”.

After a lot of reading, watching documentaries, getting inspired by people involved in the “slow living” lifestyle, I learned that I can also be a person who inspires other people. I stopped with my fixed mindset of thinking that only great gestures can have a positive impact. I realized we are capable of changing the world and taking this consciousness to other people with simple gestures. I totally changed the way I consumed and I became more aware of my choices - from food to fashion. Then I let myself understand that every and each tiny attitude can make a difference.

So where can we start a minimalist lifestyle?

You don’t need to be radical, as many people think. Being minimalist doesn’t mean that from one second to another you’ll simply stop consuming, you’ll in fact start consuming in a more aware mindset. Knowing how to make the right and lasting choices is the key to start:

1. Write things down! Make a list with the reasons why you want to live a more simple life.

2. Clean your closet, home and office. Look at the good side of it. Did you use it in the last year? Do you still need it? Could anyone possibly need this item more than you? These questions will help you decide whether something’s staying or not. Try to look for the write way of putting away what doesn’t fit you anymore or what can still make another person happy.

3. Before buying anything, question yourself: “is this really essential? Do I need this to live?”. You’ll realize that most of the time your answer will be negative. So, save your cash and don’t buy it! :)

4. Quality over quantity. Yes, invest in better quality items, even though they’re more expensive. This means a longer lifespan and use and therefore, the cost at the end makes up. This is applicable to everything, including clothes. Choose natural fabric pieces (they also have less impact in the environment and are more resistant) that match with - at least - 3 other pieces of your closet. You don’t need to buy that trendy fashion item which you will no longer wear next season. Always pick the most timeless fashion item and buy only when it’s really necessary.

5. Simplify your schedule! Yes, minimalism can go beyond palpable items. Take off from your schedule activities or commitments that no longer suit you. Have some free time to relax.

Ready to start? Tell us if you have any extra tips to become a minimalist! We'll be glad to hear you.


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