We make low impact handcrafted products made of vegan and sustainable materials. Through design, architecture, fashion, and collaboration, our creative processes pass through the understanding of emotional values, through dialogues and connections between our moment and the "atmosphere" that surrounds us.


We discover the world through senses, so we prioritize the human well being and the environment, making daily life something pleasant and celebrated, creating interaction and functionality between people and space.


We think and execute everything with purpose and truth to ourselves and everyone around us. We relate in a transparent, true and healthy way.


Freedom is at the heart of our name. Freedom to think, create, produce and be happy.

Taking care of Earth :)

We believe that, above all, we must respect our planet and preserve nature. Our concern goes beyond working with proven and fair suppliers and inputs.

That's why NOMAD supports Renature Foundation - which promotes regenerative agroforestry. This means that for every product sold, a tree is planted on our planet.

NOMAD Europe


Montpellier, France

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